0.5 Gm Karat Devyam Vedhani
Adorn a timeless traditional delight with this 24 karat yellow gold vedhani weighing 0.5 gram.
Rs. 2,560.00
1 GM 24 KT Gold Coin
Everything you’ve chosen until now has been exceptional. Why choose the ordinary when this gold coin wonderfully befits the extraordinaire in you. (Please Note: If product of same design is not available, we may ship coin of similar/other design, our...
Rs. 5,220.00
1 Gm Saaj Vedhani
Rs. 5,120.00
1 Gm Saaj Vedhani
This 1 gram vedhani in 24 karat yellow gold features magnificence with its authentic charm.
Rs. 5,120.00
10 Gm Devaki Vedhani
Looking for 10 gram vedhani designs? We have you covered with this 24 karat yellow gold statement.
Rs. 51,200.00
10 GM Shri Laxmi 24KT Gold Coin
Purest token of auspiciousness for the true Laxmi devotee in you.
Rs. 52,000.00
10 Gms Ashirvadam Silver Coin
With the holiness of Ganpati, Lakshmi and Saraswati, this 10 grams coin exclusively made in pure silver is a divine gift worth cherishing.
Rs. 725.00
10 Gms Ashta Lakshmi Silver Coin
Welcome the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, beauty and prosperity into your home with this 10 grams pure silver coin.
Rs. 725.00
10 Gms Ganpati Silver Coin
Welcome the God of positivity known to remove obstacles, add happiness and bless with prosperity in the form of this rare Ganpati silver coin that comes in 10 grams.
Rs. 1,055.00
10 Gms Gauri-Ganpati Silver coin
Be blessed with happiness, success, prosperity and good health with this rare 10 grams silver coin having Gauri Mata & Ganpati Bappa.
Rs. 1,055.00
10 Gms Lakshmi-Gajanana Silver Note
Gift this premium quality pure silver note or own it yourself and revel in the goodness of blessings showered by Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.
Rs. 650.00

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