100 GM 24KT Gold Rectangular Bar
The enchantment of roses can hardly be matched. With full of positivity, this novel coin is sure to bring sheer happiness.
Rs. 621,605.00
2.5 Gm Saanvi Vedhani
Embrace this stunning 24 karat yellow gold vedhani weighing 2.5 grams & add a golden glow to your everyday look.
Rs. 15,501.50
10 Gms Nitya Lakshmi Silver Coin
Worship Goddess Lakshmi, a symbol of wealth and success and make every day happier & enlightened.
Rs. 1,210.25
10 Gms Riddhi-Siddhi-Ganpati Silver Coin
Bring home profound happiness and goodness with the blessings of the great Ganesha and Goddesses Riddhi-Siddhi.
Rs. 1,210.25
10 Gms Ashirvadam Silver Coin
With the holiness of Ganpati, Lakshmi and Saraswati, this 10 grams coin exclusively made in pure silver is a divine gift worth cherishing.
Rs. 870.35
20 Gms Silver Peacock Coin
Own the new peacock charm with this silver coin and be mesmerized yourself or gift someone & fascinate them with its beauty.
Rs. 2,111.50
20 Gm Bhavya Vedhani
Rs. 124,012.00
20 Gm Bhavya Vedhani
If the word ‘royal’ was a vedhani, this 20 grams ring in 24 karat yellow gold is how it would look!
Rs. 124,012.00
50 Gms Victorian Gold Plated Silver Coin
An alluring addition to your collection, this silver coin is one of the best picks from our Ranka Collection.
Rs. 4,763.75
50 Gms Radhe Krishna Silver Coin
Radhe-Krishna celebrate a bond of eternity and love. Cherish the purity of love with this ever-lasting treasure in the form of this 50 grams premium silver coin.
Rs. 5,021.25
50 Gms Gokula Silver Coin
Bring home this 50 grams coin with imprints of the holy Radhe-Krishna and enjoy abundant blessings showered on you and your loved ones.
Rs. 5,021.25
3 Gm Ashoka 24KT Gold Coin
Admiration of God in the purest form of gold, this coin is a perfect gift for your special ones.
Rs. 18,807.80
0.5 Gm Karat Devyam Vedhani
Adorn a timeless traditional delight with this 24 karat yellow gold vedhani weighing 0.5 gram.
Rs. 3,100.30

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