1 GM 24 KT Gold Coin
Everything you’ve chosen until now has been exceptional. Why choose the ordinary when this gold coin wonderfully befits the extraordinaire in you. (Please Note: If product of same design is not available, we may ship coin of similar/other design, our...
Rs. 5,240.00
2 GM Kamakshi 24KT Gold Coin
This golden coin with fine imprints of Goddess Laxmi is a perfectly precious gift.
Rs. 10,430.00
2.5 GM Pushti 24KT Gold Coin
The divine grace of Goddess Laxmi has been intricately captured in this pure gold coin that makes for a thoughtful gift for any function.
Rs. 13,000.00
3 Gm Ashoka 24KT Gold Coin
Admiration of God in the purest form of gold, this coin is a perfect gift for your special ones.
Rs. 15,620.00
4 Gm Rosa 24KT Gold Coin
Why does the rose you gift have to be a flower when it last forever and imprinted on the purest gold?
Rs. 20,860.00
5 Gm Prakriti 24KT Gold Coin
Some gifts are close to heart and some are irreplaceable, while few have feelings attached. But to gift someone special the perfect gift, we have this golden coin of blessings.
Rs. 26,200.00
6 Gm Shivakari 24KT Gold Coin
This is a gift so spiritual that your loved ones will cherish it for a lifetime with unmatched blessings and delight.
Rs. 31,340.00
8 Gm Rose 24KT Gold Coin
Express your attachment with a unique gift that speaks for you. A gift so rare yet so elegant, you just cannot resist but buy it right away.
Rs. 41,720.00
10 GM Shri Laxmi 24KT Gold Coin
Purest token of auspiciousness for the true Laxmi devotee in you.
Rs. 52,200.00
30 Gms Indira 24KT Gold Coin
Enamoured with the beauty & divinity of Goddess Lakshmi, this gold coin is an ethereal gift.
Rs. 155,550.00
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