Exquisite Sui Dhaga Earrings with 22KT Gold
Show off your unique style with these exquisite Sui Dhaga Earrings (5.28gm) crafted from 22KT gold.
Rs. 36,810.49 Rs. 36,418.03
Triple Blossom Beauty 22KT Gold Earrings with Three Flowers
These gorgeous earrings(2.97gm) feature a beautiful 22k gold finish, with three elegant flower motifs.
Rs. 20,752.50 Rs. 20,531.72
22KT Gold Earrings
These classic 22KT gold earrings (3.82gm) are the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.
Rs. 26,861.52 Rs. 26,554.95
22KT Gold Leaf Earrings
These beautiful 22KT Gold earrings(3.08gm) feature intricate leaf designs that add a touch of elegance to any look.
Rs. 21,677.79 Rs. 21,430.70
22KT Gold Flower Earrings
These 22KT gold earrings(4.42gm) feature an exquisite -adorned flower, offering a beautiful and timeless design.
Rs. 31,063.86 Rs. 30,709.15
Gold leaf-shaped earrings
These luxurious gold earrings(3.78gm) are crafted with -encrusted leaves for a touch of glamour.
Rs. 26,580.52 Rs. 26,277.26
22KT Gold Earrings Adorned with Floral Design
These 22KT gold earrings(3.47gm) feature a beautiful floral design, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any wardrobe.
Rs. 24,410.15 Rs. 24,131.67
22K Gold Earrings with Leaf and Petal Design
These 22K gold earrings(3.32gm) boast an intricate leaf and petal design. 
Rs. 23,359.57 Rs. 23,093.12
22KT Gold Earrings
These exquisite 22KT gold earrings(2.91gm)lend a timeless glamour to any look.
Rs. 20,244.27 Rs. 20,038.25
Gold Flower Earrings 22KT
These stylish Gold Flower Earrings(1.77gm)make the perfect accessory. Crafted from beautiful 22 KT gold.
Rs. 12,355.13 Rs. 12,229.82
Gold 22KT Earrings with Delicate Flower Petals and Leaves
These stunning Gold 22KT Earrings(4.28gm) feature delicately crafted flower petals and leaves
Rs. 29,858.84 Rs. 29,540.72
22KT Gold Earrings with Heart and Flower Motifs
Adorn yourself with these elegant 22KT gold earrings(3.82gm) featuring intricate heart and flower motifs
Rs. 26,661.92 Rs. 26,377.90

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