Big Shiny stone Peacock Rose wood Frame 40cm x 65cm size
This beautiful Big Shiny Stone Peacock Rosewood Frame measures 40cm x 65cm and makes a stunning decorative accent to any room.
Rs. 31,000.00
Balaji Large Frame 43cm x 56cm size
Perfect for wall-mounting or displaying on any surface in your home or office.
Rs. 19,500.00
Balaji Frame 36cm x 46cm size
This Balaji Frame delivers the perfect combination of style, quality, and value.
Rs. 13,750.00
Radha Krishna with peacok Frame 36cm x 46cm size
This elegant Radha Krishna with peacok frame will add a festive and spiritual atmosphere to any home. 
Rs. 13,750.00
Medium Peacock Frame
This Medium Peacock Frame is sure to make a statement in any home or office. Crafted from a beautiful peacock feather, it adds intrigue to the space and is bound to get noticed. 
Rs. 12,000.00
Ganesh Laxmi ji medium pair with Temple style carving Frame
This Ganesh Laxmi ji medium pair with Temple style carving Frame is perfect for any home.The frame is a unique blend of modern and traditional elements that bring a special touch to any space.
Rs. 11,400.00
Radha Krishna with peacok Frame 25cm x 32cm size
This Radha Krishna with peacok frame is 25cm x 32cm in size and crafted from high-quality materials, offering a beautiful blend of elegance and durability.
Rs. 8,550.00
Radha Krishna Frame 25cm x 25cm size
This premium 25cm by 25cm frame features an intricate, detailed image of Radha and Krishna. Perfect for decorating your home, this frame is sure to bring a festive atmosphere to any space.
Rs. 6,950.00
New Laxmi ji Frame 25cm x 25cm size
This 25cm x 25cm Laxmi ji Frame is the perfect addition to any home. Expertly crafted from high quality material, this frame displays Laxmi ji with vibrant colors and precision detail. 
Rs. 6,950.00
Dagdusheth Ganesh Frame Big 25cm x 32cm size
Dagdusheth Ganesh, this frame is made with the highest quality materials to ensure it will last for years to come.
Rs. 5,950.00
New Mini Peacock & Peony Frame L size
The frame is handmade & features a beautiful peacock & peony pattern to give your decor a unique touch.
Rs. 5,500.00
Balaji Frame 20cm x 25cm size
This Balaji Frame brings charm and character to any space. Crafted with unique 20 cm x 25 cm size, it's perfect for displaying.
Rs. 3,850.00

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