1 Gm 24KT Vedhani
This 1 gram vedhani in 24 karat yellow gold features magnificence with its authentic charm.
Rs. 6,519.90
0.5 Gm 24KT Vedhani
Adorn a timeless traditional delight with this 24 karat yellow gold vedhani weighing 0.5 gram.
Rs. 3,259.95
1 GM 24 KT Gold Coin
Everything you’ve chosen until now has been exceptional. Why choose the ordinary when this gold coin wonderfully befits the extraordinaire in you. (Please Note: If product of same design is not available, we may ship coin of similar/other design, our...
Rs. 6,650.71
10 Gm 24 KT Vedhani
Looking for 10 gram vedhani designs? We have you covered with this 24 karat yellow gold statement.
Rs. 65,199.00
10 GM 24 KT Gold Coin
Purest token of auspiciousness for the true Laxmi devotee in you.
Rs. 66,146.60
925 Antique Silver Idol Ganesh
Embrace the divine presence with our 925 Antique Silver Idol of Ganesh, sitting on the lotus throne. Meticulously crafted from pure 925 silver, this idol features an antique matte finish, elevating its timeless beauty. Make your pooja occasions complete with this...
Rs. 16,292.17 Rs. 15,787.37
Classy Silver Wine Glass
Add a touch of class to your wine experience with our Silver Wine Glass, a statement piece for those who appreciate refinement. Explore our collection for more silver articles that redefine wine tasting with sophistication. Care Instructions: Preserve the brilliance...
Rs. 11,772.36 Rs. 11,630.76
22KT Gold Nose Pin
This 22KT Gold Nose Pin is a beautiful piece of jewelry made with high quality gold. Its 0.45 weight offers a lasting shine, making it an ideal accessory for any occasion. The fixed MRP ensures an affordable purchase, making it...
Rs. 2,878.85
22 KT Gold Nose Pin
Adorned on auspicious occasions, the Nath is considered a symbol of prosperity. Pair this traditional and classic nath with any ethnic attire or add your own zing to western outfits!
Rs. 8,442.58 Rs. 8,327.70
22 KT Gold Necklace
This beautiful trendy necklace is truly one-of-a-kind. If you're looking for jewellery that you can effortlessly carry from work to after-hours, you've met your match with this one!
Rs. 339,753.60 Rs. 335,261.40
22 KT Antique Gold Earring
Make your special day memorable with this delicately, handcrafted exclusive antique bridal jewellery from the House of Ranka
Rs. 245,402.43 Rs. 242,297.67
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